"Who Else Has Said To Themselves: I Need to Know Who a Phone Number Belongs Too?"

We Review The Top Reverse Phone Number Lookup Services To Find The Best One

Dear Fellow Frustrated Mystery Phone Call Receiver,

If you're anything like me, you've gotten a phone call from a number you don't recognize. In fact, it happened to me so many times, i thought i was going to go nuts trying to figure out who in the world that phone number belongs too.

Luckily though, i found a couple of really great sites online that have big databases of phone numbers you can use to search through to find out who that mystery caller was.

That's why i decided to put together this review site about the top reverse phone number lookup services available to try to help others make sense of which ones are for real, and which ones are just a big waste of time.

Doing a reverse phone number search is pretty simple i've found, and the best thing is that the 3 sites i've found below all give you immediate results so i was able to know the person's name almost instantly.

I know that the reviews on this site will help you find the right site.

Here they are:

Phone Records Lookup


Registry of Cellular Numbers

This site was really the most interesting to me for a few reasons.

The company actually has a database that can bring back results for pretty much any phone number, which really amazed me.

They have the ability to search landline number as well as cell phone numbers and even unlisted phone numbers...which is crazy because i thought if you paid that extra money to the phone company to be unlisted, it really meant you had some privacy; turns out i was dead wrong.

I found that their Reverse Phone Search was a really simple way for me to track down the prank cell phone calls that i was getting for a while. Let me tell you, it's nice to be able to report an actual number to the cops and let them go over to the kids house and scare 'em a little bit, since they thought no one would be able to track their prank call back to them!

Don't let these jokesters get the best of you any longer i say!

Another way i've been able to use this site was to locate old friends from high school since they allow you to search by using name. This saved me a ton of time trying to track them down by having them do all the leg work.

I'll be honest, of all the sites i've used, this one is the most expensive, but if you are looking for the all around best and accurate phone number listings, this is the search site to use.

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Phone Number Scan


Phone Number Scan

This site is pretty straight-forward. Phone number scan a really nice and simple webpage to find what you need on it.

Their database must be pretty good too, because they say that they're able to even find the name of a phone number for you even if it's for a pager, business, or even a pay phone! crazy

They also offer some really neat things as well. For starters, they offer the option for a few bucks to have your own personal information deleted from their service. Kind of cool to keep other people from looking you up!

The next awesome thing about their service is that it's not a flat fee for each phone number you want to look up. You pay one time and get unlimited searches on their service. I know for me this was a really great selling point cause it seemed like for a while that i needed to lookup a new number every single day. This way, it's only pennies a phone number.

The cost for this service is on the low side when compared to the other services out there, and you really get alot of bang for your buck with their unlimited phone number lookup plan.

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Reverse Phone Detective


Reverse Phone Detective

I liked this site alot when i first started using it. Like the site above, the website is real easy to find what you need on it, and it's really straight-forward.

They can take your phone number that you need information on, and run it on their service to get the owner's name.

Also, they can get the owner's address and what phone carrier they have their phone service with too.

That's really handy if you need to file a complaint with the phone company, because you'll be able to know which one to contact to file your report.

The Reverse phone detective service is sort of a mix between the first two sites i talked about. They offer you the ability to either just buy the information for a single phone number at a time, or you can pick their "premium membership" option and get unlimited phone lookup searches instead.

The price is a little on the expensive side for what you're getting, but that is not necessarily a bad thing since you don't have to buy the membership, and can just do the phone number searches one at a time instead. Still a decent option in my opinion, but definately have a look at the other two services first before going with this one.

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